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US foreign policy a reflection of racism and national oppression

Why is the American government constantly at war with one enemy or another

abroad and at the same time failing to foster peace and stability inside the

country? It has everything to do with US imperialist militarism around the

world and systemic racism at home.
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The US Social Forum- Building the People’s Platform for 2016

The Unites States Social Forum (USSF) is taking place this week in Philadelphia

and San Jose, in collaboration with other sites throughout North America.
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The ICC is now an instrument of imperialism

Former US President George W Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

destroyed entire countries in their military adventurism. Yet they are free men

enjoying their retirement without any fear of international justice. The ICC

must have the substance and manifestation of justice and fairness.
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Soweto Declaration

This Declaration contains some of the salient ideas from delegates who hailed

from across the continent, as well as from the rest of the world, to articulate

what is required for the creation of a united, liberated, renascent and

prosperous Africa.
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Morales Greenlights TIPNIS Road, Oil and Gas Extraction in Bolivia’s National Parks

On May 20, Bolivian President Evo Morales issued Supreme Decree 2366, opening

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Mexico’s Grassroots Caravans for Water, Land, Work and Life

The three contingents of the Caravan in Defense of Water, of the Land, and of Work and Life converged in Mexico City on May 22. The Yaqui tribe led the caravans, heading out May 11, to traverse the entire country from three routes: northwest, northeast and the south. When they arrived at their destination, their numbers had swelled with hundreds of grassroots activists from many different causes, organizations and locations.
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Meet the Women of HDP

We are women; We are youth; We are the rainbow; We are children; We are

defenders of democracy; We are representatives of all identities; We are

defenders of a free world; We are protectors of nature; We are builders of a

safe life economy; We are workers; We are labourers; We are the guarantors of

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IDPs face increasing sexual violence in Mogadishu

Sexual violence remains one of the most pressing problems faced by the IDPs who

live in insecure areas controlled by armed militias in the Somali capital. The

rainy season has already started and those forcefully evicted by the government

are once again suffering from the cold weather.
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Centuries of Injustice

The mass murder of nine African Americans killed in the Emanuel African

Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, by avowed white supremacist

Dylann Storm Roof is another atrocity in a centuries-long history of racist

violence aimed at terrorizing black people, from their days in slavery to their

efforts to organize politically and join labor unions, right up to the present

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Building workplace organizations anew

Workplace solidarity in the face of the neoliberal onslaught is as crucial as

ever, yet present-day unions become ever more fearful. How do we build

solidarity in an era when the tools of the past have lost their effectiveness?
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