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Latin America’s Social Policies Have Given Women a Boost

Although they do not specifically target women, social policies like family allowances and pensions

have improved the lives of women in Latin America, the region that has made the biggest strides so far this

century in terms of gender equality, although there is still a long way to go.
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What Kind Of Family Does Brazil Want?

Ten years after a long judicial battle, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) published an unprecedented

decision this month, recognizing the right of homosexual couples to adopt children. Educator Toni Reis, his

husband, translator David Harrad, and their three children, Alysson (14), Jéssica (9), and Felipe (8), have

finally been considered a family. Continue reading

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Venezuela: Maduro and the Market

It’s a point of honour for the Venezuelan government that despite the sharp plunge in oil prices and acute

shortages of goods, President Nicolás Maduro has ruled out austerity measures. Continue reading

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Salvadorans Warn Canadians about World Bank’s Kangaroo Court

In anticipation of an imminent ruling from the World Bank Continue reading

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SADC Tribunal- The shame of impunity

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New anti-vulture fund legislation in Belgium- an example for Europe and rest of the world

On Wednesday last week (6 May) all major parties represented in the Belgian federal parliament signed a

proposal that will curtail the harmful speculation by vulture funds. Continue reading

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Migrating to uncertainty

Jeeban Puri from Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal, while working as a driver in Damam, Saudi Arabia,

wanted to get back home desperately after the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal.

Reaching his place, he discovered that his three-year-old son had died and his house was totally

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Latin America- Women in Resistance and Resilience

Climate change impacts more on women. It has a direct and amplifying effect on the violence that

intersects their lives, despite the fact that women have less impact on the environment than their male

counterparts. Women have historically resisted against the root causes of the climate crisis – from local,

everyday efforts through to directly confronting corporations, mining companies and the governments who

threaten their communities and their bodies.
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Just $6 a month? A response to Jim Kim

Over one hundred organisations have issued a statement addressed to World Bank president, Jim Kim,

questioning the Bank Continue reading

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Guatemala- Popular Protests Challenge Corruption and the Political Establishment

On May 16, tens of thousands of Guatemalans took to the streets of the capital city to express their rage

with their corrupt politicians, and to demand that they all resign.
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